Family Bonding Camp June 2013

Posted on July 4, 2013

(Sat) 1 – (Mon) 3 June 2013: Mawai Eco Camp, Johor (Malaysia)

By popular demand, the adventure camp is back!!

View from a mountain top – Mountain Trekking

Excerpt from testimonial by father to Soon Yung, 1 June 2010

“This trip is a first trip he’s been with me alone, and a first with other ACS boys of different ages. In watching him playing, socializing and adventuring with other kids in Mawai, I notice that he has shown many other sides of him that I have not realize he possesses. I am really glad that I learnt of it during the trip. Now, I have a new appreciation for his ability. Moreover, I feel closer to my son now because he likes me acknowledging his other talents that I have been blinded to all these years.”

Making Beds


Mawai Eco Camp, located in Mawai Lama is about 20mins drive from Kota Tinggi.

Accommodation comprises 2 long houses, with unobstructed view of the surrounding forest. The long houses can accommodate about 260 participants. Participants sleep on canvas safari type beds, in sleeping bags (participants should bring their own sleeping bags).

The campsite is a wonderful place for ecology, flora and fauna … simply being close to nature.

S$250.00 nett per participant (ie. $500 for father-son pair)

For further information and the camp itinerary, please contact Mr. Soon Teck Onn ( / Mr. Vincent Fu (

Water-bourne obstacle race