Happy Racial Harmony Day to all our parents, boys, siblings and friends!

Posted on July 16, 2021

Usually, our canteen will be abuzz with the various food booths, serving prata, malay snacks, fishballs and popcorn! The boys will be lining up to beat each other at carom, before going to paint rangoli designs or peranakan tiles, and make bookmarks with chinese calligraphy to bring home! Unfortunately, we are unable to do these in person this year, so here we are bringing the fun online!

You can download our ever popular peranakan tile craft here! Colour it in your preferred colours and do also make time during the holidays to visit the Peranakan Tiles Gallery at 36 Temple Street. You can also read more about the history of Peranakan tiles here.

We hope you enjoyed the simple craft above! Let’s do something more active now, albeit online!

Carrom is a game that was made popular in India, and is a mainstay of our RHD celebrations!

If you have a carrom board, do get your family involved in playing a round or two! Otherwise, here’s a link to try your hand at an online version of the game, you can try it with a family member! https://game-game.com/139119/

All this craft and playing has made us hungry, what about you? What’s your favourite hawker dish?

On 16 Dec 2020, Hawker Culture in Singapore was successfully inscribed as Singapore’s first element on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You can read more about our Hawker Culture at this site https://www.oursgheritage.gov.sg/

Have you ever tried to help your parents cook a meal? There are many local delicacies that merge all the different cultures of Singapore into a single dish, such as

Fish head curry, a dish created by Singapore’s Malayalee (an Indian ethnic group from Kerala) community with some Chinese and Malay influences. The head of a red snapper (ikan merah, literally “red fish”) stewed in curry consisting of varying amounts of coconut milk and tamarind juice, along with vegetables (okra and eggplant are common). Usually served with either rice or bread.

Kari debal / Devil’s curry, a Eurasian Singaporean curry dish with Portuguese and Peranakan influences. Includes chicken, cabbage, sausage, and bacon pieces stewed in a curry sauce.

Others have tried to create their own simple fusion recipes, and you can find some here to go through with your family and maybe even try! https://www.thermos.com.sg/blog/8-delicious-fusion-food-recipes-to-celebrate-racial-harmony-day/

We hope you have enjoyed us bringing Racial Harmony Day home to you, and hope you enjoyed the crafts, games and recipes we shared! Finally, do try your hand at this kahoot quiz, and see how you rank up against your peers! Have fun!