Mother Tongue Fun Day 2019

Posted on May 24, 2019

The eagerly-awaited Mother Tongue Fun Day for the Primary 1s and 2s was held from 22-23 May. Organised by the Curriculum Support Subcom in conjunction with the Mother Tongue Teachers, this annual activity is very popular with the boys.  In this installment, there were  10 booths set up for the boys to interact at and practice their communication skills!

These included the Coffeeshop, Fruit and Vegetable Shop, Sports Stadium, Cinema, Doctor’s Clinic, Clothes Store with Photography, Stationary Shop, Mini Zoo, Craft Store and Traditional Games Station. Parent Volunteers brushed up their Mother Tongue skills and encouraged the boys to visit their booths to exchange their tokens for the different goods and services on offer! The boys were required to communicate only in their Mother Tongue, and we think they did pretty well!  

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