Racial Harmony Day at ACS Primary

Posted on July 19, 2019

As a fresh P1 parent this is my first experience volunteering on Racial Harmony Day.
Upon arriving at the Parents Volunteer meeting venue, I was taken aback to see the large group of parent volunteers – both mothers and fathers. It was during the briefing that I realized there was an extensive set up food stalls, outdoor games and indoor craft stations to celebrate Racial Harmony Day. This event was going to be fun for the boys and for us!

There were food stalls galore, featuring many item from each of the races that makes up our beautiful country. Siew Mai and Fishballs from the Chinese community, Roti Prata and Murukku from the Indian, Dry Mee Siam from the Peranakan, Chicken Pie from the Eurasian and Kueh Bahulu from the Malay! As many P1 boys asked in a mixture of awe and joy, “is it ALL free?”, yes indeed all of these are free for the boys to try!

The outdoor game stations were also beckoning the boys with games like Zero-point, Hopscotch, Gasing, Animal chess aarom! The boys enjoyed learning and experimenting with these games that are very different from the digital versions! Indoor craft stations were located in the air-conditioned 1ALC, where I was stationed, we received many boys glistening with sweat, probably from the yummy multi-racial food and fun outdoor games. It was time to cool down and also time to step up on the boys’ motor skills whilst experiencing hands-on multi-racial crafts. There was an interesting mix of Malay Ketuput bookmark weaving and Indian Rangoli keychain painting. The boys were curious about the crafts and were interested to try them out.

Our PSG organisers even catered to the different skill levels – lower primary boys did a simpler version compared to the upper primary boys. The craft was not simple but the boys used their creativity to produce nice bookmarks and keychains to bring home.

Racial Harmony Day in ACS Primary turned out to be a fun filled extended recess for all! Many thanks to the PSG Events Team who worked so hard to organize the event so well.

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