Taman Negara Adventure Camp – November 2015

Posted on January 9, 2016

Canopy Walk

On the night of 27th November 2015, a group of more than 70, comprising fathers and sons, a mother and a daughter left from ACS(P) for Taman Negara in 3 comfortable coaches for 4 days of family bonding.

As many dads said at the trip, they were so glad they signed up for the trip with their sons. Through the trip, they saw their sons get out of their comfort zones, persevere through challenging activities, overcome fears and grow more confident knowing that if they try hard enough and with support of their friends and family, they can do things which they first thought they cannot do. In the process, many precious memories of time together as a family and with friends were created. This is not the first PSG trip for some of the families and many of those who joined the trip for the first time were looking forward to joining the next one.

White Water Rafting

My 3 sons have all graduated from ACS(P). This was my 5th and last trip with our PSG Family Focus (Adventure) group. The memories formed on each trip over these years are priceless. My boys, my wife and I will miss the chance to go on these trips. I recommend each of our families to join at least one of these trips during your son’s journey in ACS(P).

To God be the Glory! The Best Is Yet to Be!!