133rd Founder’s Day

Posted on February 28, 2019

The Founder’s Day recess activity is one that the boys and PVs look forward to with equal excitement! The school kindly allowed recess to be extended to 45minutes to allow the boys to enjoy the activities fully!

The boys got treats from “the western shores”, “China’s plains”, “India’s strand”, “the land of the rising sun”, and “the islands of the main”! These included popcorn, ice cream, seaweed, prata, fishballs, Siewmai, banana chips and kueh bahulu! When the queues for the popular stalls got long , the PVs quizzed the boys with ACS trivia!

The games stalls encouraged them to aim for the ACS colours in the egg toss game, and fly the best paper aeroplane in the paper-plane flight! The fishing game is an eternal favourite with the boys and so is the Nerf gun shooting range, one of the few times any Nerf guns are allowed in school! The boys got stamps for every activity they successfully completed which they redeemed for mini rubik’s cubes, gliders and stationary items.

The favourite souvenir from the event had to be the buttons that the boys could colour and personalise before the PVs encased it with a pin so they would have a lasting moments of the 133rd Founder’s Day activities!

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