ACS(P) Family Focus Events presents ArtefactTemporis @ ACM

Posted on October 11, 2023

Is your team up for the REAL challenge?

Head over to the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) for an exclusive ACS(P) event: ArtefactTemporis.

Date: Saturday 18 Nov
Time: book a slot, any time from 12pm to 4pm to participate, on the events booking page via the link below.
Details: Come as a team of 2 to 5 pax to participate
Cost: $150 for a team of 5 or less. (As this is an exclusive event, there’s a complimentary Courtyard Cafe Voucher for each participating team valued at $10. The cafe is located at the National Gallery museum – 5min walk from ACM)

Book here or scan the QR code on the poster.

NB: On the day of the event, you may be asked to fill in and sign an indemnity form by the organisers. You do not need to do so if you do not wish to. You should however ensure that caution is exercised and safety is observed at all times during the course of the event to avoid any incidents

This event is for ages 7 and above.

Any participants below age 11 must be accompanied by a adult


SYNOPSIS of the event:
Deep beneath the palace of King Warmadewa in Bali lies a hidden labyrinth of catacombs, constructed in utmost secrecy. Lost to the sands of time, the entryways to these underground passages have recently been rediscovered which could unlock the long-lost treasures of the King.

We dispatched a rover into the depths of these tunnels, but it has been some time since the rover last pinged its location. We fear that it may have hit an obstacle, threatening the success of our quest as its battery slowly depletes. It falls upon your team to trace its location and reestablish the vital connection to the rover. Together with the recovered artefacts in the museum, you hold the key to the success of this mission and unveiling the contents of the King’s treasures!

For any enquiry on this event. WhatsApp Gladys PSG Exco member: 90090196.